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A Gift from a Fan

I have been dreaming of this special perfume for a long time, but it's only available in the USA and I have not travelled there in years. I was shy to ask my friends visiting the USA to get it for me because it's pretty expensive. I thought I would never have this perfume but then today I went to the mail and there was a package for me from the USA. When I saw it came from one of my very special friends on OnlyFans I knew I was in for a special treat! My dream has come true and I am so happy! I know you maybe will laugh at my dream being about perfume, but I am a girl and I get very excited for girly things! So thank you to my friend, I can't wait to send him my own special treat for him to enjoy too :)

Categories: MyLife
Duration: 1:54 Release date: July 8, 2021
Tags: my life
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